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The challenges of demographic change for agricultural employment: making the agricultural industry more appealing


This report is the summary report of the European project on "Demographic challenges in agriculture" carried out in partnership with our affiliated members in Bulgaria (FNSZ), Czech Republic (OSPZV-ASO CR), France (FGA-CFDT), Germany (IG BAU), Italy (ALPAA, FAI-CISL, FLAI-CGIL), Spain (FEAGRA-CCOO and FITAG-UGT) and the European Federation of Rural Contractors (CEETTAR), and with the financial support from DG EMPL, European Commission. The situation on the labour market has been studied in the 8 countries mentioned above, plus the UK. This report highlights 2 major challenges for the agricultural sector: 1) employment policy will have huge challenges to meet in matching supply and demand for skills, not least by strengthening vocational readaptation, continuing training and lifelong learning strategies as part of an ongoing stakeholder dialogue. Matching demand and supply means addressing: -the ability of employers to identify their needs -the ability to make appropriate traning provision with greater social partner involvement - maintaining or developing employability in the existing workforce by continuing upskilling - creating tool to clarify the underlying trends in demographic renewal 2) there is a near-universal consensus among prospective studies that employment in the agricultural, maritime, fishing and forestry industries will continue to decline. The situation of employment

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