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EFFAT and ETUFs urge President Juncker to foster youth employment

EFFAT joins ETUC and five other ETUFs and call on President Juncker to demonstrate commitment to youth employment 
15 May 2015
EFFAT is among the six European Trade Union Federations that - together with ETUC - power the Back 2 our Future campaign. EFFAT joined forces in urging the European Commission to show genuine commitment in tackling the youth employment crisis in Europe. 
In a joint letter to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs Marianne Thyssen, the European trade union movement recalled the worrying figures of youth unemployment in Europe and the huge difference between the annual cost for setting up an effective tool to reverse this situation, i.e. €21 billion, and the actual budget reserved by the Commission so far, i.e. €6 billion over a 7-year period. 
Even though the signatory parties welcome the commitment expressed by the President on several occasions, they are also becoming impatient to see words translated into action. They invited the President and Commissioner to meet with the ETUFs’ and ETUC’s youth officers to openly discuss the dire reality faced by young workers and job seekers, in an attempt to speed up the process of developing an effective youth employment policy in Europe. 
You can find the joint letter under 'related documents'.

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