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Fighting pays off! EFFAT welcomes new Italian collective agreement in the agrifood sector


Brussels, 10 February 2016 - On 5 February EFFAT’s Italian affiliates Fai-Cisl, Flai-Cgil, Uila-Uil finally signed an agreement with their social partner Federalimentare to renew the national collective agreement until 2019. The new agreement will cover more than 400,000 workers in the agrifood sector, one of the driving forces of the Italian economy.

In light of the recent interruption of the parties’ negotiating table on 11 January, which lead to demonstrations, a halt in overtime work and four hours of strike, EFFAT congratulates its affiliates for the determination shown in the collective bargaining process.

Genuine and constructive talks between social partners have finally resulted in an excellent agreement for the workers in the Italian agrifood sector which will increase workers’ wages and introduce important new elements in terms of contractual conditions, welfare, safety, and work-life balance.

Some of the new measures include:

  • Contract duration increased from three to four years
  • Monthly salary increase of up to € 105 paid in five instalments until 2019
  • Strengthening the FASA fund's role and competences for workers who have lost their jobs and have under 24 months ahead of retirement
  • Establishing a health and safety workers' representative in each site
  • Six-month leave granted to women who are victims of violence and new measures against sexual harassment and mobbing

Commenting on the agreement, EFFAT Secretary General Harald Wiedenhofer said that the contract that stemmed out of the Italian negotiations is an excellent example of our Italian affiliates’ joint efforts and resilience, as well as the fruit of a genuine and effective social dialogue. This agreement gives specific answers to workers’ demands for better working conditions while paying attention to productivity and innovation in these sectors.

Meanwhile in Italy and across Europe many negotiations are still ongoing and appear far from reaching a positive outcome. Regarding the Italian hospitality sector Harald Wiedenhofer regrets "to see the Italian affiliated unions in the hospitality sector FILCAMS CGIL, FISASCAT Cisl and Uiltcus UIL still struggling to reach a positive agreement with the employers’ organisations”. Three negotiations in the fast food, catering and hotels industries are still open and far from reaching a meaningful agreement.

Our affiliates in these sectors have been working actively for several weeks now but appear to have reached a stalemate. EFFAT strongly supports its affiliates in this fight and hopes for results that will mirror the agri-food sector agreement.

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