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Unfair Trading Practices in the supply chain: EC report overlooks impact on employment


The European Commission has published a report on unfair business-to-business trading practices in the food supply chain.

The report is overall disappointing, as the EC allows the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) and the Member States to act when they deem it appropriate.

For many years EFFAT has been campaigning against UTPs which negatively impact employment and working conditions in the agriculture, food and drink manufacturing sectors. EFFAT calls for a legally binding instrument at EU level, including an independent enforcement mechanism that should provide both protection and remedy. Above all, it should remove the fear factor by safeguarding complainants and the potential victims of UTPs (See EFFAT article here).

The Commission will continue to closely monitor both voluntary and regulatory frameworks. The Commission’s High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain will conduct talks with operators, Member States and other stakeholders, to ensure that good practices are followed, national platforms created and, in particular, that the SCI is implemented.

EFFAT will follow up on the issue of UTPs within the High Level Forum for a better functioning food supply chain. Please do not hesitate to send us examples where UTPs have had an impact on employment and the working conditions of workers in our sectors.

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