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Health Check of the European Common Agricultural Policy - Background information April 2016


EFFAT hopes that the health check of the CAP will result in the recognition of the agricultural workers' role and improve the conditions under which these workers have to work.


  • low income, high working time load,
  • decreasing proportion of skilled workers,
  • high proportion of illegal and precarious working conditions: especially for workers from other European countries or third-countries,
  • extremely high number of accidents and illnesses: agriculture ranks first among the sectors in the world and in Europe for accidents and illnesses,
  • low participation in education and training programmes.


  • the exclusion of payments to employers or other persons who employ workers illegally,
  • the inclusion of the European health & safety principles (eg Directive 89/391 EEC) in the cross compliance,
  • the inclusion of educational and training programes for agricultural workers in the framework conditions for national programmes of the 2nd pillar.

Hereby also find below a link to a presentation about our current demands for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 


How to use it: To read the presentation, you have to click on the arrow at the bottom to see the different slides. You can also zoom in or out and click on what you are interested to see.



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