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Posting of Workers: Fair working conditions must come first!

EFFAT debates the new revision at Food, Drink and Tobacco Sector General Assembly
On Monday 12 September, EFFAT’s Food Drink and Tobacco sector held its General Assembly in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee.
In the context of the recent European Commission’s proposed revision of the Posting of Workers Directive, the Assembly adopted its position on fair and decent internal labour market. 
EFFAT had the opportunity to discuss the legislative developments around posting of workers with Inge Bernaerts, Member of the Cabinet at DG Employment, Tomas Sefranko, Head of Uniit for Employment at the Slovakian Permanent representation, Ellen Nygren, Member of the EESC and LO, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation as well as with Sam Hägglund, General Secretary of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers.
The right for citizens and workers to free movement is a core value of EU citizenship and a fundamental right which should go hand-in-hand with the principle of equal treatment for equal work at the same place. The European trade union movement supports a revision of the Posting of Workers Directive in order to incorporate this principle in the Directive. 
However a lot more still needs to be done to prevent social dumping through legislative loopholes allowing access to cheaper regulatory environments. In their fieldwork, EFFAT affiliates have encountered many instances of companies that strategically locate themselves and post employees through letter box companies or other sham arrangements involving temporary work agencies, so as to benefit from the differences between national social security systems in Europe.
EFFAT is committed to ensure that existing rules are strengthened and to win high social and labor standards in order to prevent social dumping and stop the downward spiral in wages and working conditions in Europe.
Through the adoption of the paper, EFFAT puts forward practical recommendations in order to strengthen the protection of all posted workers. 


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