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Take action for Country-by-Country reports from multinationals for activities around the globe!

EFFAT supports the ETUC, TUs and civil society organisations in the process of lobbying on Public Country-by-Country reports from Multinational companies. The EC Directive imposes all multinationals (with turnover above 750 million euros) with activities in Europe (whether or not they have headquarters in the EU) to report information on their activities in each EU country in which they operate. For the rest of the world, the information is requested on an aggregated basis only, with the ambition to produce a list of non-compliant jurisdictions giving the possibility to request info on activities in these jurisdictions only.

We oppose this method because it will take a very long time to elaborate such a list and it will not prevent opacity for multinationals taxation. We demand public Country-by-Country reports from multinationals (ideally with turnover above 40 million euros) for their activities in all countries on the globe. 

On 30 May, ECON and JURI Committees will vote on amendments on the Directive for a vote in Plenary beginning of July. 

While the European Parliament’s draft report looks very good, other political groups have submitted amendments that would completely change the final result in the European Parliament.

We have signed a letter to MEPs with civil organisations. You will find it hereunder. We encourage you to send it to your MEPs. In addition, a full website ( is dedicated to the issue with facilities for lobbying actions.

Read the ETUC press release here

Thanks for your effort!


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