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The clock is ticking: keep your promises as 2020 approaches

Leading chocolate and cocoa companies – among which Mars, Ferrero and Blommer – have pledged to process and sell only sustainable products by 2020.
But we have learned from past promises: eradicating child labour in 5-10 years under the 2001 Harkin-Engel Protocol just didn’t happen!
We want to remind the chocolate and cocoa companies that 2020 is close.
The ILO Day of Action Against Child Labour on 12 June will mark the 30-month and 18-day countdown to the 2020 deadline. 
Companies must stick to their promises. We will call on the general public to remind you of your promises.We will inform your employees about your promises and tell them to demand satisfaction. And we will be back next year, when the countdown hits 18 months and 18 days to the deadline.
And so on, every year. Until 2020.

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