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Youth are worth more ! EFFAT stands with young workers in Croatia demanding better working conditions


On 15 September the Union of Autonomous trade unions in Croatia (SSSH), the Croatian Youth Network and Croatian Trade Union Matrix will organize a protest in Zagreb to demand better wages and working conditions for young workers.

Along the slogan Youth are worth more, they will firmly oppose the current government which increasingly responds to unemployment with cheap and temporary labour, bogus training scheme and precarious work.

In line with the current EU pay rise campaign, EFFAT firmly believes that only investments, higher wages and proper training can boost job creation and stimulate growth. Furthermore EFFAT, with its Croatian affiliates STUH and PPDIV, stands with the younger generation in Croatia demanding that apprenticeship returns as the first form of employment which can guarantee a real job perspective.

Youth are worth more, and the future generation deserves better than precariousness, lack of career development and job insecurity.

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Video from ETUC’s Secretary General

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