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Workers at Rakvere are demanding a wage increase. Support them!

Workers at Rakvere meat plant in Estonia, part of the HK Scan group, are legitimately asking for a wage increase and rounds of negotiations are planned for the next forthcoming weeks.

We have prepared a solidarity letter you can use if you wish- please see below!

We ask you to convey your support to the colleagues.



Ljubov Serova, President of IMTAL:

Artjom Arhangelski, Union Secretary of EAKL


Support to our Estonian colleagues of the Rakvere meat factory, part of the transnational company HK Scan, to raise wages and improve working conditions

Dear colleagues,

We understand you are facing challenging times in your campaign for better wages and improved working conditions.

Our message to you is stay strong. EFFAT has been campaigning for improved working-conditions and better employment security all over Europe. We are also part of a global trade union community, which supports trade union struggle all over the world. When the European Union this month will declare a European Pillar of Social Rights, it should mean that exploitation of workers will no longer be tolerated within the EU. Instead, the EU should promote a development towards improved working conditions and towards minimising the existing wage differences between Eastern and Western Europe.

We stand together with you in your struggle for fair and safe working conditions, and your efforts to maintain decent jobs in your industry. The European food and drink trade unions support your struggle against the erosion of wages and employment rights, and against employers’ attempts to degenerate working conditions in a spiralling race to the bottom. .

From all x members of xxx union, please know that you have our unfaltering support.

In solidarity




General Secretary      

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