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Brexit: Food General Assembly's call to solidarity


On Tuesday 14 November, the General Assembly of EFFAT Food, Drink and Tobacco sector discussed Brexit as many jobs in the sector depend on trade between the EU and the UK and vice versa.

The impending withdrawal of the UK still leaves too many open questions. In particular, the participants  pointed out the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland and Ireland that need special attention and a meaningful response. The General Assembly appealed on the negotiators to demonstrate responsible leadership, respect the Good Friday Agreement and that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland remains open to people, goods, services and production.

The General Assembly also called on the European institutions to create a “job fund” in relation to the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) that may assist and support employees and companies within EU-countries with education measures and the possibility of reducing production or adjusting products while being on the lookout for new markets. Further, the General Assembly urges the British government to develop support measures for workers in the UK threatened in the same way by Brexit.

Solidarity- collective trade union strength- has always been and remains the basis of the work of EFFAT. The General Assembly of the Food, Drink and Tobacco sector commits to provide maximum solidarity with each other, and specifically stands in solidarity with both the Irish and British colleagues to promote peace, security and development.

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