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EFFAT youth committee urges EFFAT to support its youngest members’ activities and participation


At the 22 and 23 November 2017, EFFAT Executive  Committee the Youth delegation gave a strong signal to EFFAT, writing a letter demanding that the organisation continues to strongly support its youngest members facing the challenges in the world of work ahead.

Today young people are increasingly working with atypical contracts in Europe. This adversely affects young people by causing an uncertain and unstable future,  the inability to progress,  unsure living conditions , housing issues and an uncertain family life.

As times are increasingly toughening for young  labour pool trade union membership, workers organization and mass participation must be placed at the core of the trade unions activity.

EFFAT executive committee was reminded by its youngest members to continue:

  • Implementing successful EFFAT policies and guidelines in trade unions
  • Developing strategies for youth at national level
  • Developing examples of good practices in working with young people and sharing them through the EFFAT network
  •  Supporting young workers and actively involving them in union activities to create preconditions for the future of trade unions 1 English version of text Ø Providing activities such as workshops, seminars and training to exchange experiences within the EFFAT network and other trade unions
  • Providing financial resources for the implementation of youth activities Ø Introducing young activists through special programmes tailored to the needs of young people
  •  Continuing the implementation of the Youth pledge adopted at the EFFAT Congress in Vienna
  • Facilitating young colleagues’ participation in EFFAT activities

Youth activities and best practices in mass participation were presented at the Executive committee. Eveliina Reponen from PAM, a Finnish  trade union for people working in private service sectors with  270000 members, illustrated  the activities of her organization including creative ways to attract and new membership.



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